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This book was also written by a person of Southern affiliation. What do you believe when you weren't there as witness.

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To who's purpose does it serve, and to what profit. Think deeply when reading. If you do, then you will enjoy the reflection of the story. This is an excellent book, because of the wisdom and honesty of the author. It is the personal view of Wayland during the war and does not try to describe the battles in whole, but only his view.

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He was in most of the famous battles, and was a prisoner of war at the end of the war. There is something about the book that made me really enjoy reading it; I think it was the personality of Wayland. I would have enjoyed knowing him. The book will be enjoyable for Northern and Southern men.

I highly recommend the book. Later, a captaincy opened in the 40th VA of the same brigade.

Their first fighting was on the Peninsula and the 7 days. One interesting point is the authors considers the MD campaign a great success, and the Gettysburg Campaign a disaster. I think this was due to his personal experiences.

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Whereas at Gettysburg, his unit got badly cut up along the Cashtown road on Day 1, then took another boatload of casualties on Day 3 in Picketts charge. Their dreadful retreat was culminated when Dunaway and about others were captured performing rearguard duties as the rest of the rebels crossed the Potomac back to VA.

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Dunaway, had a lot of resentment about that, he hadn't been told he was being left behind. The author also talks about a confederate plan to liberate the Johnson Island prison using hijacked steamboats from Canada. Wish it was a daily journal. I was pleased with this recounting by W. Dunaway since it is well written, and unlike some retyped Kindle books, with very few typos and grammatical errors.

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This is a recounting of what was remembered of his personal experience during the war as an old man, not a field journal written at or in close proximity to the events. I do have to lament the fact that his closing statements no longer ring true in our country. Their names are immortal, and their memory is enshrined not only in poetry and history, in marble and bronze, but also in the admiration of mankind and in the affections of the Southern people. Like it or not, this is our history, and just because we do not like it does not mean that we get to erase it, deny it's existence, or refuse to use it to learn from our past mistakes.

We cannot learn from a re-written history what we need to learn to keep from repeating it's horrors. If we say dispatched between X and Y days then it takes X to Y days to receive from a supplier and it will then be with you within the time frame of the shipping plan you selected. If we say Pre-order it means that your item will be dispatched to you on the day it's released and arrive with the time span of the shipping plan you chose.

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Reminiscences of a Rebel

The item must be unworn and unused other than trials with the original tags still attached. I was turned loose the following day. Possibly someone more learned, informed them that the book was not a treatise on how to commit crime and escape punishment. A friend of mine, a Scotchman by the name of Mackay, was standing before a store window, trying to decide what shirt to buy. A buxom woman approached him and said: Why aren't you in the trenches?

Some of the fellows, on visiting us in the can, tried to bring us in some literature.

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  • Some of it was Wobbly papers and similar matter, but most was as innocent of subversive ideas as the Literary Digest. The jailor, however, confiscated the entire bundle. Mac, too was a conscientious objector and a pacifist. And somehow or other he managed to have kept out of jail.

    Anyhow, not knowing what else to do with oursleves, Mac and I went into a show. This was out in Seattle where, like everywhere else, Patriotism, or some cheap exhibition of it, would pull applause for a ham actor when nothing else would. Then, of course, when a guy fluttered the flag, or the orchestra came to his aid with the national anthem, you had to stand up like everyone did. Sometimes there was so much standing up and sitting down, standing up and sitting down, that a fellow felt like greasing his joints with an oil can.