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The words have to tell a story, but for Steven they also have to have a bouncy feel for flow. Then he searches for words that have a double entendre, which comes out of the blues tradition. Perry always liked to wait until Tyler recorded his vocal so he "could weave around his vocal attack," but Tyler wanted Perry to record first for the same reason.

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After a "tug-of-war", Tyler's vocal was recorded first with Perry's guitar track overdubbed. The lyrics, which tell the story of a high school boy losing his virginity, are sung quite fast by Tyler, with heavy emphasis being placed on the rhyming lyrics e. Between the elaborately detailed verses, the chorus primarily consists of a repetition of "Walk this way, talk this way". Live in concert, Tyler often has the audience, combined with members of the band, sing "talk this way".

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There is also a lengthy guitar solo at the end of the song, and in concert, Tyler will often harmonize his voice to mimic the sounds of the guitar. Aerosmith's version of "Walk This Way" often competes with " Sweet Emotion " and "Dream On" for the title of Aerosmith's signature song , being one of the band's most important, influential, and recognizable songs.

The band rarely omits it from their concert setlist, still performing their classic version of the song to this day. The song has also long been a staple of rock radio, garnering regular airplay on mainstream rock , classic rock , and album-oriented rock radio stations. In , it was named the eighth greatest hard rock song of all time by VH1. Aerosmith reference lyrics from the song in " Legendary Child ".

The line "I took a chance at the high school dance never knowing wrong from right" references lyrics from the songs "Walk This Way" and "Adam's Apple" respectively. Both songs first appeared on the album Toys in the Attic. While working on Raising Hell , Rick Rubin pulled out Toys in the Attic an album they freestyled over and explained who Aerosmith were.

They had performed with this song before, but only using first few seconds of the song on a loop, not knowing what the full song sounded like, or even hearing the lyrics. They didn't want the record to be released as a single even after recording with Aerosmith and were shocked when it was played all over the radio, on the hip hop and rock stations. The version of the song is often credited as helping break hip hop music into mainstream pop music as it was the first hip hop song to hit the top 5 on the Billboard Hot , and the remake demonstrated how elements of hip hop music can be part of rock and pop songs, harking back to the DJing of Afrika Bambaataa , who would mix in tracks by the likes of the Beatles , the Rolling Stones and Grand Funk Railroad among the more usual funk breaks.

It also briefly samples the opening drum intro of the original in a middle section of the song. This version of "Walk This Way" charted higher on the Billboard Hot than the original version, peaking at number 4. It was also one of the first big hip hop singles in the UK, reaching a peak of number 8 there. The landmark collaboration catapulted Run—D. The song paved the way for other pop acts to introduce elements of hip hop into their music.

The collaboration also introduced a fusion of rock and hip hop, later known as rap rock , to a wide audience for the first time.

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The song also marked a major comeback for Aerosmith, as they had been largely out of mainstream pop culture for several years while members were battling drug and alcohol addiction along with key members having left the band. Their comeback album, Done with Mirrors , had also flopped. This version of the song is currently ranked as the th greatest song of all time, as well as the second best song of , by Acclaimed Music.

The chorus of Run—D.

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In collaborations, the other singer often says "talk this way" every alternate line of the chorus. This rap-style delivery may explain why the song worked so well as a hip hop song when it was covered eleven years later. Both the original Aerosmith version and the Run—D. The song is featured on the video game series Just Dance The video then segues to the bands' joint performance on stage. The highly popular video was the first hip hop hybrid video ever played in heavy rotation on MTV and is regarded as a classic of the medium.

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The theater has remained largely unchanged since the video was filmed. Visitors may notice two holes in the ceiling toward the front of the stage where a light fixture was meant to be installed for the shoot. Aside from Tyler and Perry, none of the other rock musicians in the video are the Aerosmith members; instead, they were played by Roger Lane, J.

Malo, and Matt Stelutto—respectively rhythm guitarist, bassist, and drummer of the largely unknown hair metal outfit Smashed Gladys. As only Tyler and Perry had traveled to record the cover with Run—D. The guitar that Perry is playing is a Guild X Bladerunner. The patent was licensed to Guild Guitars for 17 years and reverted to public domain in During initial manufacture, Newell and Desrosiers worked directly with Guild craftsman to develop the final product. The guitar used in this video was one of these early issues.

In , Kid Rock and Run—D. Tyler has also performed the song with Carrie Underwood on two occasions. Although faithful to the intro and main riff, this version is heavily bluegrass -influenced. After the release it was released in a compilation album.

This cover is a crossover between bluegrass and rock. Their version was produced by American producer Dallas Austin , making it Girls Aloud's first single not to be produced by Xenomania. The music video was a comic re-enactment of the Run—D. Contemporary music critics criticised the cover version, but supported the single due to its fundraising nature. The song also charted at number 8 on the Billboard European Hot Singles chart. The music video premiered on The Box on February 2, , and was shown on Channel 4 's Popworld the following day.

The Greatest Hits Tour. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Walk This Way disambiguation. Steven Tyler Joe Perry. Russell Simmons Rick Rubin. Retrieved May 18, A look at how the hard-rock band, inspired in part by 'Young Frankenstein,' came up with a song that would become a top hit twice". The Wall Street Journal. Archived from the original on March 10, Retrieved October 22, Retrieved January 20, Library and Archives Canada.

Retrieved June 17, Archived from the original on January 28, Retrieved February 9, Retrieved February 7, Retrieved July 10, One-way traffic or uni-directional traffic is traffic that moves in a single direction. A one-way street is a street either facilitating only one-way traffic, or designed to direct vehicles to move in one direction. One-way streets typically result in higher traffic flow as drivers may avoid encountering oncoming traffic or turns through oncoming traffic. Residents may dislike one-way streets due to the circuitous route required to get to a specific destination, and the potential for higher speeds adversely affecting pedestrian safety.

Some studies even challenge the original motivation for one-way streets, in that the circuitous routes negate the claimed higher speeds. Signs are posted showing which direction the vehicles can move in: At the end of the street through which vehicles may not enter, a prohibitory traffic sign "Do Not Enter", "Wrong Way", or "No Entry" sign is posted, e.

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Sometimes one portion of a street is one-way, another portion two-way. An advantage of one-way streets is that drivers do not have to watch for vehicles coming in the opposite direction on this type of street. The abstract "No Entry" sign was officially adopted for standardization at the League of Nations convention in Geneva in The sign was adapted from Swiss usage, derived from the practice of former European states that marked their boundaries with their formal shield symbols.

Restrictions on entry were indicated by tying a blood-red ribbon horizontally around the shield. In addition to the standardized graphic symbol, the US version still retains the wording "Do Not Enter", while the European and Canadian versions typically have no text. The contemporary Australian one way sign is vertically oriented, but older signs similar to those used in North America are still common.

A Swedish one-way sign used on T junctions. One-way streets may be part of a one-way system, which facilitates a smoother flow of motor traffic through, for example, a city center grid; as in the case of Bangalore , India.

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This is achieved by arranging one-way streets that cross in such a fashion as to eliminate right turns for driving on left or left turns for driving on right. Traffic light systems at such junctions may be simpler and may be coordinated to produce a green wave. In the United States, 37 states and Puerto Rico allow left turns on red only if both the origin and destination streets are one way.

See South Carolina law [2] Section C3, for example. An attempt was apparently made in to introduce one-way streets in alleys near the River Thames in London by The Worshipful Company of Carmen who were commissioned by the King to regulate traffic in the square mile of the City of London. It was so designated in because the public science lectures were so popular there.

According to the folklore of Eugene, Oregon , the use of one-way streets in the United States started in Eugene itself. In 6th Ave was converted into a one-way avenue by the Highway Department. The Asbury Park Police Chief decided to make the Ocean Avenue one-way going north and the street one block over Kingsley in one-way going south, creating a circular route. By the s this " cruising the circuit " became a draw to the area in itself since teens would drive around it looking to hook up with other teens. The circuit was in place until the streets went back to two way in due to new housing and retail development.