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After Vegas, my heart and mind have been thrown into complete disarray. Is it really possible that what we had— all that blazing, unquenchable passion—was just an illusion? I know I've lost his trust, but somehow I must find a way to repair the damage I have caused and find my Lily: I know I've lost his trust, but somehow I must find a way to repair the damage I have caused and find my way back to his heart. I have to make it right… whatever it takes. She is my wife now, but I know she's not mine. Not the way I want. You see, I want it all. Every last bit of her: And I'm prepared to move heaven and earth to make that happen.

This is my mission and my promise. Watch me make her mine or die trying The Eden Trilogy 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Eden III , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Eden III, part 3 of 3. Eden I Book 2: Eden II Book 3: But Lilly had a past set to cast shadows on their future…. From a large gypsy family the tall, dark and very handsome Jake Eden comes with a cock tattoo.

Forced to take over the family empire at age fifteen Jake blew me away starting at end of book 2. Eight words to describe Jake: Commanding, private, broken, flawed, protective, possessive, elusive and charismatic. Seven words to describe Lily Hart, Jewel: Eden III told from dual POV, is both a suspenseful and erotic journey that started as revenge and redemption but grew into so much more.

The ending including an epilogue was perfect for Jake and Lily! Suspenseful and sexy plot! Would I re-read this series: Would I read future books by this author: Beta copy provided to me by author Georgia Le Carre in exchange for an honest review. View all 84 comments. Eden, part 3 picks up where Eden, part 2 ended. I have to say I really sympathized with him. In some way he was just a victim. They are Eden, part 3 picks up where Eden, part 2 ended. They are willing to fight for their love and marriage, but they have enemies who want to destroy them.

They will have to trust each other and communicate with each other in order to survive. The story is fast-paced, suspenseful and very steamy. I loved Jack in this installment. All he wants is to protect and be there for her. The chemistry and the passion between Jack and Lily are again fantastically and the sex scenes so damn hot.

All in all, this was a great installment - sexy and intriguing plot, endearing character and great writing! View all 26 comments. Mar 11, Olga therebelreader rated it it was amazing Shelves: This third and final installment did not disappoint. The big finale of this amazing trilogy provides us with the closure and answers we all need. There were many things I loved about this installment; on the top of my list would be the character development of Jake and Lily. From the previous ones, we already know that Jake is passionate, caring, dark, possessive and protective who wants to dominate This third and final installment did not disappoint.

From the previous ones, we already know that Jake is passionate, caring, dark, possessive and protective who wants to dominate everything around him. In the third book, Lily is fantastic in her own way. She finally stands up on her own and takes charge of what she deserves in her relationship with Jake and the overall secret police operation. I loved this third book so much!

Firstly the author did an amazing job in this final installment; she did great justification to the characters. I loved these two together. Their erotic bond is unique, abundant of passion, heat and ecstacy! All the final pieces of the puzzle finally come together and we get a really great epilogue which makes all the waiting and all the guessing games, worthwhile. This is one of my favorite series of all time.

It's sexy, smart, suspenseful and mysterious. View all 8 comments. I rarely do this, but I'm giving it a 1o!! Call me addicted, but I need this one Dec 23, Irida rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was the last book of the Eden Trilogy and it was very well written. The story development was interesting, there's a turn of events I didn't expect. Jack Eden was as hot as in the previous 2 books. I loved everything about him. I liked Lily in the first part of the book, in the second half she pissed me off, because she was acting stupidly naive and with her behaivor she put in risk both their lives.

But by the end everything went fine, and I understood her motives and they have their HEA. I would have loved a longer epilogue though. Oct 31, Nicla rated it really liked it Shelves: I like that it managed to surprise me at times. Also I have never read a book where the hero is British gypsy.

So it made the hero a like bit more unique than the typical OTT crazy alpha. HEA view spoiler [Yes. Hero owns a strip club where heroine worked at the beginning. View all 4 comments. Series review to come. Georgia still blowing me away every time. View all 3 comments. What a journey we have made..

This was a great one! It was so much better than the previous ones. I don't really know how to explain what did it. However, I can also say that EDEN definitely ends in a perfect spot to conclude the journey, giving the reader enough to imagine the next steps the characters are going to have to take to rebuild. May 16, Amie's Book Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kate Wrath Type of Book: June 13, Rating: Kate Wrath has done it again. She has taken is deeper into Eden's world and completely transformed the story, taking in unexpected and amazing directions.

But Eden isn't sure she wants anyone to access that information. But it just might note be up to Eden as fate has a way of interfering with the best laid plans. I thought I had this book figured out, but as usual Kate Wrath has written in twists and turns that add an entirely new dimension to the story. Also, coming soon is Book 4 in the series and I will be eagerly awaiting it's publication.

I rate EDEN as 5 out of 5 stars. Kate Wrath is the author of the E Series and has quickly secured a spot on my favorite new authors list. For more information or to sign up for her newsletter visit www. Jun 01, Rose E.

I promised myself that I would make this book last at least 3 days if not a week. It lasted all of hours. Now I have to wait until book 4! Lol, at least the prequel is set to be released next month so I will not be completely without the world of Eden. Typical man behavior was driving me mad, haha! Kate, you write that So Kate, you write that way to well, I felt like you must have spoken to my boyfriend on how to not read my cues and hear what I'm saying!

I also could not help but think about Matt a lot during this book. I mean, she does have Apollon, but it's not the same. Plus, he's off galavanting with the new girl so he's being kept busy, lol. I felt bad for her as well with the whole hole in the heart with Oscar gone. The end of this book threw me for a loop! Which is why I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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Oh man, I smell drama ahead. This series continues to pull 5 stars from me. Please do yourself a favor, and pick up this series. Jun 13, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: I would like to thank the author, Kate Wrath, for giving me an electronic copy of Eden to review. The plot twists kept me entertained from the beginning to the explosive conclusion.

Combining some old favorite characters with some new ones, the author has seamlessly woven them all into a complete world. There are many strong characters with mental and physical toughness, leading to conflicts between them that range from just plain silly to downright scary. With the new additions, the possible pl I would like to thank the author, Kate Wrath, for giving me an electronic copy of Eden to review. With the new additions, the possible plot lines in the future are endless. Although the story of Jason and Lily is central to the book, it does not lessen the importance of the other, intersecting plot lines.

Although some questions were answered, many new ones have taken their place. If you are new to this series, I strongly recommend reading the books from the beginning. Seeing Eden's struggles from the start of book 1, it helps to comprehend all that she has endured. I have enjoyed reading this book and cannot wait to read more by Kate Wrath in the future. May 31, Lozzi Counsell rated it it was amazing. Thank you Kate for the free copy of this book, very much appreciated! Just as you think you are beginning to understand everything and make sense of the past, you realise that you know even less than before.

Nothing is as it seems!


I went from being in love with all of the characters to wondering if Jonas is really the good guy after all. I could tell from the beginning that there were a lot of secrets and I think Jonas knows a lot more than he's letting on especially with all Slight spoilers. I could tell from the beginning that there were a lot of secrets and I think Jonas knows a lot more than he's letting on especially with all those secret meetings!

I thought this would be the book to bring Oscar back, but I was wrong. I was really hopeful towards the end when Eden goes to find her brother as I thought maybe he is Oscar! I love how it ended with Apollon saying she's his best friend and he wants to stay with her, possible romance? I sure hope so.

May 04, Julie Powell rated it it was amazing. Once again I was embroiled in this story - book three giving more insight into Eden's past, present and future. Kate Wrath is a storyteller of the highest degree and this installment is beautifully poetic in the way Eden's emotional ride is portrayed. Battles are fought in this hard future yet it is within Eden's heart that they are most fierce. I don't give spoilers, so it is difficult to say too much, however, I will say that I didn't want it to end and am looking forward to book four Once again I was embroiled in this story - book three giving more insight into Eden's past, present and future.

I don't give spoilers, so it is difficult to say too much, however, I will say that I didn't want it to end and am looking forward to book four An excellent read, filled with mystery, suspense, charged emotions, friendship, love, grief, joy and puzzlement - highly recommended. Jun 15, Patti rated it it was amazing. Kate Wrath is one of my favourite authors. Let me just say I did not see any of this coming.

I honestly cried "what you have to be kidding me. Kate Wrath has created the best post apocalyptic world Ive read this year. Jun 19, Dabber rated it it was amazing. As usual, Kate Wrath kept me intrigued. Not just the twists and turns of the plot, the mystery, the emotions, but the thought-provoking ideas. I love your comments on the cockroaches and many others, but I don't want to spoil it for others. You will have to look for them yourself. This series isn't just a bit of fluff, it has meat in it. Looking forward to "Jason and Lily" next month!

Sep 03, Erin rated it liked it Shelves: I give this book 3. The book might not have concluded the character's adventures, but for me it was the end. Feb 07, Alicia rated it liked it Shelves: So I didn't like this one as much as the others. The world is still amazing, and there's a lot of stuff going on, but I feel like the characters haven't developed at all. Eden is now just slightly less scared of things but twice as confused. It felt like ninety percent of the drama in the book between characters could have been solved within two conversations. I know that wouldn't be very exciting to read, but it just dragged.

As Eden and Jonas were basically the source of all drama in this one So I didn't like this one as much as the others. She is a heroine to admire- one that is worth reading about. The book also reminded me of Kristin Cashore's "Graceling" because of the overall theme of survival. But I thought its characters were much better developed. Strong family ties were emphasized throughout the book and you come to care for each and every character.

Definitely worth the time I put into reading, and I'm eagerly looking forward to book 2! Feb 05, Book Addictions by Christina rated it it was amazing. First if all i loved this book! Really wonderful read especially if you love Dystopian At first i thought it wouldnt take long to read because its only pages when i picked it up and felt the weight, then I opened it an saw the small type Which is just awesome because i loved reading it.

I really felt like i took this journey with Fi and her Family. The writing was good and the chara First if all i loved this book! The writing was good and the characters were so strong. I fell for them all. Its heartening to see such love and compassion in a world so desolute and cold. I loved and bonded with the characters and felt their losses and their hardships. I also was up lifted by their journey and every small good thing that happened. Fi the main character felt so real. I connected to her almost instantly when things started to turn up side down.

All the character s grow so much its wonderful and when its over you feel like you really know these people. Rachel has built an amazing world filled with outstanding characters.

So much of it felt like something i would write myself. Like we were on the same page pun intended. The whole idea of the world falling apart the way she described is just so feasibile to me.

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It makes you think Are we headed down that road now? Everything was well thought out and i loved knowing what more than just Fi was thinking and feeling. Had it been written in first person POV so much would have been lost. I have to say that I've fallen completely in love with this book. I laughed out loud and cried a few times. I love a book that you can feel. And i felt Eden's Root to my core Thank you Rachel for giving me the opportunity to know these characters. Hoping for a book This is my OWN book. I am just figuring out how to get friends to review me here.

At A Glance I liked the concept but the execution wasn't great. The crops are dying and aren't growing back. A famine is on the horizon. Only a select few know about it. Before he died, Fi's dad warned her of what was coming. So Fi has prepared herself mentally and physically for the chaos that is about to descend on the populace. Because it is her job to take her Family to a place where they will be safe, wher From http: Because it is her job to take her Family to a place where they will be safe, where healthy food grows and thrives.

I was so excited as I started this book. I have never read a book like it before. And after finishing it, I knew this book would stick with me forever. She did exactly what someone should do when they know a famine is coming, she prepared. I was so proud of her. She didn't shy away from the things she had to do. She didn't allow herself to break down as her father died and her mother got sick. When the violence and cruelty started all around her, she lead her Family her real family and others who joined along the way with precision and courage.

Even when she had to do things that ate her up inside, she kept on a brave face in front of everyone else so they wounldn't be frightened. I was so happy to see Sean and his family go with Fi. They had been best friends and neighbors since forever. Without Sean, I don't know if Fi could have braved through the whole trek. Sean was her sidekick in a way, but he was also her emotional support.

With Fi's mom weak from her sickness, it was Sean who supported Fi every step of the way as she had to protect both adults and children from the outside world. I was so tense throughout Eden's Root. I couldn't imagine being in this situation, having to lie, steal, and even kill to survive. Fi and her Family faced some horrible situations. Fi usually came back from food raids internally traumatized by what she faced each time. When Fi finally met Asher, I was shocked by how Fisher had them meet.

It was pretty horrific. But Asher was really amazing. With his trusty sword, he had survived the unthinkable. Gangs had been after him from the beginning, but he made it through and stronger for it. I felt so much better when he joined the Family because he was a fighter like Fi. Eden's Root was a suspenseful thrill-ride. The characters made you want to keep reading to see what would happen to them next. I loved how they all uniquely contributed to the group in some way. It was a unique idea that hit close to home because I have a family member that got very sick because of processed and altered food.

He can only eat organic food now. But his life is forever changed because of this. With the way we genetically alter our food, who knows if this is our future. It's a scary thought. I also think it's a wake-up call. The Bad I think the biggest problem with this book is the execution. There was a lot of little things that kept bothering me.

First, it was often very hokey and cheesy. The concept and story were very serious but the characters would joke around sometimes and it felt forced. Then the idea that these educated adults and their children would follow every word of a 14 year old girl was sometimes unbelievable. I just didn't buy it. And with only a few months of training, I just didn't see Fi being that great of a leader.

Another thing, the book felt too long. One-third of it could have been cut and it would have been stronger for it. The beginning preparation Fi went through took too much room in the book as well. Lastly, I often felt like I was being taught a lesson. It was all too much scientific info and moral lessons. The Snuggly We have to wait a long time for the romance to start but once it did, I loved it. Fi and Asher were so cute together. But just kissing between them, that's all. Caution, there is a rape scene in this book. Final Thoughts I have to admit, there is a lot about this book that didn't quite hit me right, but I really did enjoy it in the end.

The concept alone made me want to read it and the characters' journey kept me reading. I hope this isn't our future, but I am happy Fisher shared this story with us. No matter how you squeeze it,' she held Kiara close as her chest tightened. So when you lose someone, you don't lose the love. It stays with you just as big in your heart as it always was. We may want the ache to go away, but we can't give up the love.

So you live with both. It's a good thing you're little or I would be afraid of you. If you like dystopian reads, you'll find this one refreshing! My favorite thing about Eden's Root is the circumstances around which the apocalypse happened. It wasn't the plan of evil governments, it wasn't bombs or volcanoes. It was - quite simply - man's greed. Scientists had, for centuries, cross-bred plants and animals and added pesticides and preservatives, convinced that they were helping to make more food to end hunger. Instead, all the blind tinkering with food sources led to all the plants and animals quickly dying resulting in a famine and Plot: Instead, all the blind tinkering with food sources led to all the plants and animals quickly dying resulting in a famine and many people becoming Sick with cancer and other diseases.

The most chilling thing is We know scientists have added all these things to our crops, this frightens people enough that they are willing to pay much more for "organic" food. So it's not difficult to take that leap and believe that some harm could come of this food. And Rachel Fisher, well, she could probably make me believe anything. I was planning to give Eden's Root three stars for the first half of the book. Because the author felt the need to describe Every. Seriously, I had to read every discussion Fi had with her dying father, every part of her training, and after the apocalypse, so much of the trek was described in excruciating detail.

Okay, maybe I'm being too hard on the first half. But then, Fi and Asher met. The tone of the novel suddenly changed. Things started actually happening. The story went at a much faster pace. I could sense hope in the characters, especially Fi. It's like Asher came and revived them all. There were fights and deaths and joy and grief - a whole depth of emotion and that's when I got hooked, baby!

First half, I didn't like Fi. She was so domineering! How did the adults handle following her? A person's level of preparation for the apocalypse doesn't automatically qualify her as Leader, but Fi leaves the Family with no option. The fact that she could be so undemocratic in that matter made me think she was insensitive and I didn't care for her.

As soon as she met Asher though, she completely changed. She finally started letting her emotions show and she started joking around more; thank goodness, because it was getting a little dull reading about a stoic survivor. Despite her unemotional attitude, I deeply respected her as a character. She was, without a doubt, a more-than-capable Leader and a formidable opponent in a fight and you just have to admire a year-old who shuts off her grief and trains so hard for a year that she can successfully lead a group of 15 or so people across who-knows-how-many miles to safety.

Asher I pretty much loved from beginning to end, no question. I think it was the sword as a weapon of choice that did it. He can be my book boyfriend! Yes, there's a love triangle, but I loved the romance in this book anyway. It's a nice distraction from the extremely depressing conditions of Fi's world. I don't want to give anything away, but it's not a love triangle in the tradition sense, with two boys vying for the girl's heart. A lot better and so much more aww-worthy! Rachel has studied biochemistry and biogeochemistry and other unpronounceable courses, she is now a nutrition expert and truly knows what she's talking about.

She always is a bit of a word nerd and has a certain way with words. This fearsome combination makes for a book with a dynamite plotline. In her story, you can get the actual scientific reasoning behind the apocalypse in such a simple and interesting way, you actually understand and start to believe in it. I think Rachel would make an fantastic teacher. I hate when this happens! I fell in love with this cover and it turns out the girl was just a stock photo, plus the added background. Check it out for yourself: Mar 24, Sandra "Jeanz" rated it it was amazing.

MY REVIEW I'll start with the cover, the female with the lovely red curls on the front is Fi Kelly, a strong young girl who has to grow up quickly s she soon becomes responsible for not only her own survival but that of her mother and sister too. The cover also depicts the dry cracked earth of a dying planet and the nourished flourishing planet.

I love the cover as it really does fit the book well. Also I know this book is only on kindle but this book has the type of cover you would pick up in MY REVIEW I'll start with the cover, the female with the lovely red curls on the front is Fi Kelly, a strong young girl who has to grow up quickly s she soon becomes responsible for not only her own survival but that of her mother and sister too.

Also I know this book is only on kindle but this book has the type of cover you would pick up in a store and want to know more about the story belonging to it. I loved this book. I have read quite a few books of this genre and I would put this book up there with the best of them! So a little about the book now, The year is and plants and food sources have continued to be genetically modified and cross bred so much that they hardly resemble what they used to be. People are dying of a "sickness", sure the doctors and scientist may come up with different cancers or different names for the "sickness" but the result is the same people get ill, they get weaker and weaker until they die.

Is anyone doing anything about this? Fi is told by her dying father about the truth of the "sickness" and the forthcoming collapse of the world as we know it. He helps her as much as he can to be prepared for what will happen. He also gives her hope. The hope of taking her family to a place called Eden. To get to Eden, if she can even find it Fi with have to do many things she thought she wouldn't or couldn't do.

To say Fi is tested to her limits is an understatement she is tested above and beyond any normal limits a youngster her age should have to face.

Eden's Root

This novel is the story of Fi, her mum Maggie and sister Kiara, and the extended family her neighbours who she decides to take along with her, John, Lucy, Sean, Rachel and Zoe. Fi and her band of followers meet many along the way, good people who join them, good people who continue on their own and also bad, bad, people too. The book is simply but really well written, it flows really well as you follow Fi as the leader of her Family. There are many issues dealt with in the book, for example death, but it I dealt with in a really compassionate way. I loved the concept of the book, the ideas behind Eden and Disapora it will make sense when you read the book!

The details in Eden are brilliant! One thing that confused me a little was the way how Fi constantly called her mum Maggie, but that is kind of explained later when a newcomer asks Fi the very question I had been asking Why do you call your mum Maggie? I think Rachel Fisher writes really well, you go through the trials and tribulations with Fi and the "Family". The ending of the book is done in such a way it makes you want to pick BK 2 up straight away to continue reading all about what happens next.

You really want to read more about the "Family" and where they are staying, and you want to know how relationships and the world around the characters will evolve. So did I enjoy the book? Would I read more books by Rachel Fisher? Yes I adored her descriptions and writing! YES to all dystopian lovers, all who love a good book! Jun 25, Rachel V. I really enjoyed this dystopian tale even though there were a few things that seemed to easy. I liked how the author made most things that happened in the story believable. I recommend checking this story out if you like dystopian tales.

I give the story 4 stars. Plot — First of all I feel this was a well written tale and it feels like the author really did her research. The story kept me interested and reading to find out what happens. Everything about this story seems like it could happen. The I really enjoyed this dystopian tale even though there were a few things that seemed to easy. The food shortages because of genetically altering plants and the riots once the food shortages started. The people running scared in the streets, the rumors of nukes and how people acted and reacted in the book are all a possibility should this ever happen.

Also the thought of Eden is something I believe someone hopefully would have come up with if there was enough warning. I enjoyed going on raids with Fi and Sean and really enjoyed it once Asher joined in. The Family did not turn anyone away or disagree over letting people in. I believe people living this close with no modern amenities are going to argue or disagree at times. Also I would have preferred to have a little less on the descriptions and maybe a little more action in the story.

Characters — The characters were well written and we learned quite a bit about them and their backgrounds. I liked that the story was written from different points of view. It gave us more insight into what was going on inside different characters minds and different locations also. Fi was the POV that the story was most often written from. I found her to be a strong person and a good leader no matter what her age was. She was capable of leading all these people to safety and able to steal enough to keep them all alive. I liked how she thought out her choice of weapons also. This was a big point for me because my husband is a gun enthusiast.

A 22 as opposed to a Glock is going to be a better gun for a young girl and as long as you can shoot it is just as capable of injuring or killing as any other gun. The same goes for the bow and arrow vs. The Romance — At first this was a little surprise for me with the romance. I kept expecting something to change between Fi and Sean.

However I do like the way it turns out. I really like Asher and I love that the author had his weapon as a sword. Also you got to see some of the adults become more solid in their relationship as opposed to actually dividing them farther which was nice. The romance was good and it looks to continue in the next book. All in all I liked this story even though I had a hard time believing parts of it. This seems to be a good start to a series. I would love to read the second book in the series to see where the author takes this.

Jun 28, Molli Moran added it Shelves: The entire time I was reading Eden's Root, one thought kept resonating: And for me, that is usually the most terrifying kind This suspenseful novel forced me to think about possibilities that, although they scared me, also made me appreciate the Fi and her family live in, and the choices she makes to keep them safe. Ultimately, Eden's Root had a few issues that detracted from my en The entire time I was reading Eden's Root, one thought kept resonating: Ultimately, Eden's Root had a few issues that detracted from my enjoyment of it, but I still found it to be a wild ride I won't soon forget!

While reading Rachel Fisher's novel, I struggled a bit with some of the characters. I've waited awhile after finishing to write my review, and I think there was something off in the character's voices for me. I liked the actual characters themselves well enough - Fi was brave and loyal, Sean was protective and strong, Asher was devoted and swoon-worthy, and the other members of the Family all had important roles to play. But in retrospect, even though I understand she was forced to grow up fast, Fi never felt like a teenager, nor did Sean or Asher, really.

The only way I can describe it is that maybe Rachel struggled to really find their identities as teens - even teens who had grown up before they should have had to, due to their circumstances. Also there was a bit of a distance between the writing and their voices, almost as if she was afraid to get to close to the characters. However, I did find a lot to like about Eden's Root. I really loved the scenes with Fi and her father - to me, that's where part of the heart of the story lies, in Fi's devotion to her father, and in his wish to prepare her for the harsh realities she'd face after he was gone, another victim of the Sickness, a cancer-like disease transmitted through the very food they're eating.

See a Problem?

I also liked the unexpected romance between Fi and Asher! At first I thought Rachel Fisher was going in a different direction with the romance, but I'm happy with the way it all played out - it felt natural. Despite the fact that the pacing when it came to large passages of time felt choppy, Asher and Fi ARE given time to grow as friends and as a couple, so that their pairing felt more natural than rushed. Overall, I liked Eden's Root, and read it in one sitting, so that says something about the story being told and about the writing!

I think Rachel Fisher has a lot of promise, because while there are a few aspects to this book that felt under-developed, there was also a great deal of potential for a brilliant sci-fi trilogy! Apr 08, Elena rated it really liked it. It does not contain vampires, aliens, nor zombies. This novel is frightening, too frightening with its realistic situation.

You are never lost through out this book. Fisher does a excellent job of keeping her readers informed on whats happening. I was good in Biology, but this takes it to a whole new level, when the food becomes the main source of the dwindling population. Set in the year , which is not far off, food is manipulate 4. Set in the year , which is not far off, food is manipulated to "Sickfood" -- by accident, of course. Scientists thought that all the experimenting would help people from starving, but that did not turn out so well.

With people getting Sick as time passes by and starving with no resources, the world turns into a dark, horrid place, in which Fi protagonist is forced to lead a group of people to a safe haven her dad mentioned. With leading comes great responsibility and traumatic obstacles. You will be safe. Sometimes she was a bit irritating, but she was courageous and selfless, and that makes a good leader. Sean, Fi's best friend, could be a pain, but that is for you to find out why.

Asher, well, read this book. Oh, and the ending, seriously? Now I cant wait for the second book. Apr 29, Darlene rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Recommended to Darlene by: This is quite a book. The author did a lot of research, it is evident, but it isn't splashed on every page. The research proves this to be a great sci-fi in the real sense that REAL science is involved.

I want to thank Ms. Rachel Fisher for this complimentary Kindle copy for reading and reviewing. I got to know her a bit through email exchanges and found she was friendly and accessible to her readers. On to the book. I didn't want to put i Wow! I didn't want to put it down.

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I don't want to tell what happened at that point in the book as I don't want to spoil it for others. Needless to say there was less adventure and strength of character being shown. That for me was what made the first part so exciting. Not sure how I would have changed it. The last few pages pulled me back in and I am hoping there is more to read about these people and their situations. The main character is gutsy and has to be. I am glad to see that the author chose a young girl and proved it all could be done by a female. The growth physically and emotionally of Fi is a joy to watch.

I wish I weren't finished reading this book. That is a sign of a great one. At first I gave this four stars. Mostly because of the last part of the book, but I am changing it to five stars because this is an unforgettable story with a very important message. May 05, Yvensong rated it really liked it Recommended to Yvensong by: Chilling and exciting YA tale that takes place in the near future.

The MC, Fi, learns that life as we all know it is about to take a disastrous turn. Genetic Modification of our world's food goes awry. In a short time, food supplies pretty much disappear. What makes this dystopia chilling is the sense that the future represented within, is possible. The author uses her knowledge to create a very believable scenario to take her characters, and her readers, through. I like novels with strong, femal Chilling and exciting YA tale that takes place in the near future.

I like novels with strong, female characters, and Fi does not disappoint. She has to grow up fast and hard. The only stretch for me was that the adults were so willing to abdicate any and all control over their lives and the lives of their children to her without question. The other characters complimented the story well. There are friendships that evolve, romances, deaths, survival struggles and a touching relationship between Fi and her father - even after he passed. I only had one real issue with the story. The early introduction of Asher was very distracting and destroyed the flow of the story.

The salient points could easily have been shared with the reader, later. I received this book from the author through Smashwords for free. I thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review this.

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Dec 11, HebaH rated it really liked it. The world is falling into destruction, and the danger lies in the genetically enhanced foods that become known as 'Sickfood'. Rachel Fisher thoroughly details the breakdown of the world, which is why the novel seems a little slow in the beginning. Surrounded by family and close friends she hurtles over obstacles and tough situations.

Fi even finds love in one of the darkest cities in America since the sickness and famine became widespread. Aug 09, K. Hilton rated it it was amazing. This was such a wonderful book! In my opinion, if you enjoyed Hunger Games, you will enjoy this book. Few people knew about the coming of hard times. Fi Kelly, a fourteen year old girl, was burdened with this knowledge before her father died.